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Shade Large Outdoor Spaces With Cabanas From Skyspan

Outdoor resorts, beach lounge areas or poolside recreational spots create a relaxing atmosphere that can be enhanced with the right amount of shade. Yet umbrellas may be too small to use for places where groups of people gather to sit and relax. A cabana is the perfect alternative to a shade umbrella — it still offers relief from the sun and can accommodate larger recreational spaces.

Skyspan offers these unique and chic structures for all types of outdoor spaces such as decks, patios, pools, backyards or beaches. For resort and hotel owners, offering cabanas for different outdoor events can draw more visitors and guests to your business to enjoy the amenities. These shade structures are perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, birthday parties, conventions and other special occasions. Residential homeowners benefit by covering large seating areas with the shady structures that give a tropical and modern design theme to backyard patios and decks.

Durable And Beautiful Shade Products From Skyspan

Skyspan is the top manufacturer of shade structures for both commercial and residential applications. Whether you are a homeowner or you run a business, offering shade to your guests and customers can keep them comfortable all day. Our cabanas are crafted from durable materials and frames designed to protect people from harsh weather. The fabric canopy is completely waterproof and has 100 percent UV protection to keep both the sun and the rain away from guests, and it can withstand 85 mph wind speeds. Temperatures are noticeably cooler underneath these shade structures during even the hottest days.

The frames are crafted out of durable aluminum that has a 10-year anti-rust protection warranty. This protection makes the cabana perfect for poolside areas and beachfront property. All of these beautiful canopies can be customized based on the application — they’re available in 40 different colors and with logo customization. Available in heights of 10 feet, 12 feet and 13 feet with a square canopy, this shade structure works for many different outdoor settings. The canopies may also be equipped with lighting, heaters, electrical outlets and panels that can be joined with similar structures to create larger shaded areas.

Let people lounge on outdoor furniture, eat meals on benches or relax after playing with the kids with shade structures from Skyspan. Have a cool spot to relax in the backyard or use these structures at your outdoor commercial space to attract more customers and market your business.

Get all your outdoor shade structures from a manufacturer you know and trust. Enjoy the durability and modern designs of canopy structures that are customized to your liking. Outdoor shade products from Skyspan will last for many years, even with everyday use. Give us a call today so we can start designing your shade product.

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