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Skyspan Structures, World Leaders in Commercial Umbrellas

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Classic Construction Meets Modern Design

Skyspan Structures is the industry leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of commercial umbrellas and custom tension structures. Our commercial outdoor umbrellas are just one prime example of our design talent. Skyspan Structures are engineered to withstand up to 75mph winds. We work hard so that our customers enjoy years of use from our reliable, hard-wearing products, assembled by hand with care and with attention to every detail.

We are proud to serve a variety of needs, demonstrated by our portfolio of client projects that include hospitality, multi- housing, country clubs, day care, and parks & recreation solutions to name a few. We design ideal commercial umbrellas for outdoor solutions that last for years. Our six standard product lines can be modified to suit your needs in almost every situation. Skyspan also offers fully customized products to meet the hard to solve sites and situations. Our team works constantly to provide a pioneering design approaches, precision engineering, and the reliable delivery of free-standing architectural commercial umbrellas to our valued customers.

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